• Emma Kent

    Emma Kent


    Hi I’m Emma and I am proud to have been a part of pink wig since its conception!!! I am truly amazed and still in awe of how it has progressed rapidly over the years – and long may it continue!

    I have many reasons for my passion in being involved in Pink Wig Events:

    Not only have Sally & I been friends for many years I have my own personal experiences with breast cancer having lost my Mum, Nan and a couple of great-aunt’s to the disease and other family members having had a breast cancer diagnosis. It is a disease that I am only too familiar with unfortunately.

    I have worked with cancer patients now for many years and know not only the devastation and fear that a cancer diagnosis causes families but also feel privileged to see the bravery and determination of people that have to undergo treatment and live with the disease.

    Every donation helps and I will strive to continue to support until future generations hopefully have a better chance of survival…

    Please continue to support us xxx

  • Michelle Bray

    Michelle Bray


    Pink Wig Night? What a night! That was my first thought. Invited by my sister-in-law Kath, it was an opportunity to have a girls night out. A little different and exciting.

    It wasn’t until the hangover had passed, that I knew the full story and was amazed at the courage and strength of Sally and the support of her friends. The two words “breast cancer” are terrifying and with 3 daughters, I wanted to help raise funds. It was when Asda, where I work, introduced Community Support that I became more involved, and together gained the support of the store.

    I joined the committee to help continue the fundraising, organising events & raising awareness of Breast Cancer for future generations.

  • Sue Morant

    Sue Morant

    Media Officer

    I am involved with Pink Wig as I have lost a close friend to breast cancer, seen friends lose family members to cancer and unfortunately know too many people who have been affected by cancer, yet thankfully have come through the other side.

    My background is in Media having worked with regional newspapers and currently for a magazine that is distributed globally. I love being involved with such a passionate and enthusiastic group of friends, all giving our time in helping to organise events to raise money towards funding research and also keeping money locally which encourages local people to donate to such a worthy cause. I am proud to be on the Pink wig committee.

  • Kath Stivey

    Kath Stivey

    Prize Team

    Hi, my name is Kath Stivey, I’m forty (ish!), married to Mark, have two teenage children, Peran and Jenna and I work in a GP surgery in Falmouth. I am a “Falmouth girl” through and through.

    My reasons for being involved in Pink Wig are simple, breast cancer has affected the lives of lots of people I know, I have seen friends such as Sally fight a battle which hopefully one day will no longer exist, some friends are still with us and others have lost their bravely fought battle.

    I hope that one day breast cancer is a thing of the past, but until that day I will work with the amazing bunch of people that are the Pink Wig Committee, raising money for breast cancer research and breast cancer care in Cornwall. So proud and privileged to be one of them.

  • Jay Wicks

    Jay Wicks

    Digital Media Officer

    Hi, I’m Jay and I help manage the social media accounts, newsletters and this very website!

    My reason for being involved is through Sally’s daughter who is a close friend of mine, after hearing of Sally’s fight against cancer I knew I had to get involved in someway, so, three years ago I started a “pink wig” journey which has opened my eyes to fundraising and working for one cause using the skills I learnt over time.

    I honestly believe that my generation we will see a cure to cancer, but this isn’t possible without research, and in turn this isn’t possible without fundraising and giving money to charity, I implore you to get involved.

But it wouldn’t be possible without all of you!