Cornwall Breast Team start spending Pink Wig Events funds!

This week Cornwall Breast Team (CBT) started spending some of the £10,000 Pink Wig Events donated at the end of 2013. Paying for a laptop with software, licences and the installation – all to connect to the Vectra Reconstruction Imaging Machine (in the image below) which they purchased at the end of 2013.

What is a Vectra Reconstruction Imaging Machine?

This System uses the latest in digital imaging technology to produce computer generated 3D images of the breast. The Sculptor and Mirror Software applications generates measurements and monitor outcomes of breast surgery but also to accurately plan surgery. The system was innovated by Canfield Imaging Systems, New Jersey, USA and supplied by Surface Imaging Solutions.

Of course we will keep you all informed when CBT buy any new pieces of equipment, and what they do.

Pink Wig Team xxxx