Our First Year

The first Pink Wig Night, wasn’t a fundraiser but a night out to wish Sally well for the beginning of her cancer treatment. The idea of Pink Wig Night was born on this night, as so many people tried to give the group money as donations!


Total raised: £1,000

Our the inaugural fundraiser, the night started as a simple pub crawl, with around 50 women joining armed with money buckets, all in aid for what was then, Breast Cancer Campaign (now known as Breast Cancer Now), raising £1,000 in a short few hours!


Total raised: £2,500

News after the first fundraiser spread, numbers doubled compared to the previous year with 100 ‘wiggers’ joining. Raising £2,500 as we paraded through Falmouth on what was to be our very last pub crawl…


Total raised: £7,700

After a thoughtful offer from Tim Vigus from South West Bars and Events, Pink Wig Night was able to become bigger and better, opening Falmouth Week with 500 attendees. No longer a pub crawl and a full event with preluding parade through the main street of Falmouth, our biggest year of fundraising to date, making £7,700.


Total raised: £20,000

After the success in 2012, we were invited back to open Falmouth Week with help from Tim and the team. We were able to beat the numbers of the previous year (again!), with 700 attendees and our most successful year raising £6,500 on the night. We also had held the Pink Wig Ball, our sponsored walk and Docks Ball.


Total raised: £5,510

With great sadness, Sally’s disease returned and she passed away on May 15th, 2015, you can read Sally's story here.


Total raised: £14,500

After a year of remembrance for Pink Wig, it was an easy decision to keep going with Pink Wig Night and the ‘wiggers’ agreed, marking our largest night with 850 attendees, raising £14,500.


Total raised: £15,000

Another year, another T-shirt. In 2016, we adopted the phrase “Hakuna ma Tatas” and broke our record for the most attendees with 900 Pink Wiggers joining our fight against breast cancer, enabling us to raise a fantastic £15,000.


Total raised: £18,000

Our very first themed Pink Wig Night and we started off by heading to the circus! We reached new heights with 1,000 wiggers as clowns, cabaret and jugglers - what a night it was! We completely sold out our ticket allocation for the night and raised a fantastic £18,000 - our single largest event.


Total raised: £20,000

Another sell-out night, another theme. In 2018 we took Wiggers to the Wild West as we were joined by 1,000 Pink Wig Cowboys to join the fight against Breast Cancer where we were able to raise a brilliant £20,000!


Total raised: £27,000

Our Pink Wig Festival Themed “Breastival” was almost spoiled by the weather, as events around the UK cancelled, some last-minute change of plans meant a relocation to Princess Pavilions with 1,300 wiggers, undeterred by the weather, enjoying our biggest Pink Wig Night ever in terms of attendees and money raised!


Total raised: £30,000

For 2022, Pink Wig Night went to Rome, with a Roman themed event. All records were broken, making this our largest event to date. With our pre-party event at The Greenbank Hotel raising £2,700, with scores of Pink Wiggers joining us for the very start of the parade.


Pyjama Party

Pink Wig 2023 was anything but relaxed when we threw our Pyjama Party, over 1,500 women joined us for what we believe to be the biggest Slumber Party Falmouth has ever seen! We were able to raise a fantastic £38,202, making our grand total £185,912!