Sally’s story

Sally Hicks-Wood, our founder and the reason Pink Wig Events started.

We have left Sally’s own story here for all to see as it gives the background for our passion. With great sadness, Sally’s disease returned and she passed away on May 15th 2015.


We (her team) with your help and passion for Pink Wig, will strive to continue her legacy ensuring that Pink Wig helps Sally’s desire to see breast cancer eradicated one day. Here is Sally’s Story in her own words…

Hi, I’m Sally Hicks-Wood, a wife, a mum of two, a grandmother and the Founder Chairman of Pink Wig Events.   The events that have shaped my life over the past few years are the reasons for my passion and commitment to this cause. Here is the story of my journey…

In May 2009, out of the blue, I was diagnosed with stage 3 HER2 positive breast cancer. This bombshell came without warning and shook me to the core. I was told I had to have a ‘lump’ removed which at the time was thought to be small and localized. However, it turned out that the cancer had spread further afield and into 30 of my lymph nodes so I was only a breath away from having it spread to my major organs.

Before my initial surgery to remove the lump, a group of us got together for a night out and wore pink wigs for a bit of a morel boast. It was surprising how many people asked if they could make a donation and it was this that gave me the idea to make it an annual charity event. There was no other local fundraising event for breast cancer, yet one in eight of us are diagnosed and almost everyone knows someone who has been affected by it, so it seemed a ‘no brainer’ – a way to give something back to the people who were saving my life and to try and protect our future generations from the hell that cancer brings to your life and those close to you.

During my chemotherapy, radiotherapy, mastectomies and various surgeries, I became hugely passionate about fundraising, and so Pink Wig Events was born.

Our first fundraising year in 2010 brought in just over £1,000 that we were delighted with. Around 125 ladies turned out and I found it overwhelming, so much so that when I tried to speak to them all, no words would come out, just tears.

We continued in 2011 with around 235 ladies showing up and £2,500 raised. The highlight of the year for me was doing a skydive…..  and for someone as scared of heights as me, it was a terrifying thought!  What a fantastic experience it turned out to be and I wasn’t even slightly scared…. I seem to have very little fear of any challenge I am presented with, now that I have kicked cancer’s butt!!

In 2012 our numbers had grown to the point where we really needed a large venue, so I approached the organizers of Henri Lloyds Falmouth Week and talked them into allowing us a night in the marquee during the regatta week. They, and many other local businesses have been extremely supportive of what we do and the night was a massive success with around 500 ladies attending.  We handed over £7.700 to our two charities, Breast Cancer Campaign and the Cornwall Breast Care Team.

Please take time to read about ‘My Team‘, an extraordinary group of long-time friends and now my colleagues. We work hard together with equal passion and motivation for the same cause and have been rewarded two years in a row by being invited to the House of Lords by Breast Cancer Campaign for a reception held for successful fundraising groups.

We are committed to doing what we do for our children, their children and their children. Breast cancer WILL be eradicated one day and my dream is to see that happen during my lifetime. Whatever happens, Pink Wig Events will continue UNTIL WE ARE ALL SAFE.

Sally xxx