Pink Wig e-Ticket FAQ

How do I order a Pink Wig Night 2023 e-ticket?

e-tickets can be purchased from our shop page, select the tickets you need and add to basket. Go to your basket and fill out address and payment information. Before checking out, you will need to add the name and email addresses of all users who you are purchasing tickets for. If you don’t know their email address, you can send to the same email address and distribute the PDF tickets via. other methods.

Who can I purchase tickets for?

You can purchase tickets for whoever you like if they are a woman over 18.

Where do I find my e-ticket?

Your e-ticket will be sent directly to the given email address when the order is placed or found in the order confirmation screen straight after purchasing. If someone else purchased the ticket on your behalf, then the purchaser would have selected the designated email address to send your ticket. This might have been their own email address. It may be that the email address entered was incorrect, please contact us and we can resend your ticket. The email containing your ticket may have landed in your junk folder, please check there.

Do I need to print my e-ticket to get access to Pink Wig Night 2023?

No, your ticket can be scanned from a mobile device without any issues. In the unfortunate event where you have not printed your ticket and your mobile device has run out of battery, we can find your ticket by looking up your name and email address – this will require proof of identify to validate.

Can my e-ticket be scanned multiple times?

No, tickets can only be scanned once. Any subsequent scan attempts will result in a invalid scan and won’t be granted access to the event.

Can I purchase an e-ticket from someone else?

At your own risk. As tickets can only be scanned once, if a ticket has been scanned already by the original purchaser then your entry will not be granted.

Can I get a refund for my e-ticket?

Yes! You can contact us to request a refund prior to the event. Your e-ticket will then become invalidated and therefore won’t be granted access to Pink Wig Night 2023.