Pink Wig Riders – Raising Money

Pink Wig Riders – Raising Money


May 15th 2015. My Mum, Sally Hicks-Wood passed away from Breast Cancer. It came suddenly after only being diagnosed with a recurrence 2 weeks earlier. Breast Cancer affects everyone in some way, whether it is direct family or close friends. everybody knows somebody. 

For a long time I have wanted give something back and to challenge myself at the same time. I also aim to raise as much money as possible. So along with my two good friends Ryan Kitchener and Stefan Churcher we have decided to do the Prudential Ride London 2018. It is a 100 miles long. most definitely a step out of the comfort zone.

(L-R) Ryan, Chris and Stefan

We have decided to do the ride in support of the Falmouth based, Pink Wig Events. The Pink Wiggers has been going since 2009 and have raised just short of £100,000 for charity. Their aim is to support funds for vital research projects and to provide the best care for cancer patients in Cornwall. Pink Wig Events was started by my Mum (Sally) and are now run by an amazing group of 5 people led by Emma Kent.

We are committed to doing what we do for our children, their children and their children. Breast Cancer will be eradicated one day and hopefully myself, Ryan and Stefan can contribute to the amazing work these charities are doing.

We need all of our friends, family, and acquaintances to donate, even if it is £1. All of the money is going to such an important cause and you can donate right here.

Thank You

Chris, Ryan & Stefan

Getting in the Saddle in Memory of Sally

Getting in the Saddle in Memory of Sally


Fiona and Claire, from Fal River will be cycling through the night on 27th May in support of the Pink Wig Events.  Ride the Night is a 100km bike ride taking place in London, raising funds towards women’s cancers including Breast Cancer Care, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and Ovarian Cancer Action.

The largest female cycling event in the UK, the circular route starts and finishes at the Royal Windsor Racecourse and over the last four years has raised over £4 Million.

Claire is daughter-in-law of our founder, Sally, who will be joined by friend Fiona Mildren, who are cycling the Ride the Night challenge in memory of Sally and to continue her legacy.

This year’s the Pink Wig Event is a circus themed and have introduced the catchy slogan “roll up, roll up, don’t forget to check your cups!” To find out more about the Ride the Night charity bike ride visit the website at and to donate to Fiona and Claire from Fal River, visit their JustGiving page To buy tickets for Pink Wig Event 2017 visit:

Important Information

Important Information

Fundraising News

With just days to go until Pink Wig Night 2016 we thought we would put together some helpful and important information about the night to make sure we can all have the best night possible!

Tickets and Tees:

Tickets and t-shirts are still being sold at the Falmouth Week Box Office, Bow Accessories, Fat Willy’s Surf Shack and Tava in Falmouth as well as in Tanya’s Courage Charity Shop in Penryn. Remember that tickets are no longer available to purchase from the website.

Don’t leave it too late, they’re flying out! The t-shirts are available in a range of sizes and cost just £10 each with all proceeds coming straight to Pink Wig Events.


Choose Pink!

We’re hoping to turn Falmouth pink in the run up to the event on Friday 5th August. We’ve had great support so far with local businesses volunteering to wear wigs, pink clothes and decorate their windows.

Turn your shop window pink for the week or simply wear a pink wig or pink clothes on the day of the event… every bit of pink helps! We would love it if you could get your colleagues involved and help us to get Falmouth on the map!



Arguably one of the most important parts of the night… our infamous pink wig cocktails!

We LOVE a cocktail, especially if we know that the proceeds go straight to charity, so we are thrilled to announce that we will have a cocktail bar this year! All the takings from the cocktail bar and the bubbly bar come straight to us so make sure you head that way to buy your drinks for the night ladies!

The cocktails this year have a bit of a booby theme, we hope you love them as much as we do:

Betty Boob – Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Cranberry Juice, Orange Juice

Mabel Moob – Coconut Rum, Creme de Fraise, Apple Juice, Lime Juice

Titties Chocolate Orange – White Chocolate Liqueur, Triple Sec, Chocolate Milk


Party Time!

You’ve got your tickets, you’ve customised your t-shirt and you’re looking pretty in pink with your beautiful wig… it’s time to party at Pink Wig Night

VIP Ticket Holders: Make your way to the Greenbank Hotel at 5pm for the Pink Wig Pre-Party where there will be a cocktail bar and many opportunities for a pink wig selfie! From the hotel we will parade down to Falmouth Moor with our new Pink Wig mascot, Falmouth Marine Band and Betty Stogs to meet the rest of the pink wiggers. Remember, if you have a VIP ticket but you don’t think you’ll be able to make it then please let us know as there is limited availability so we would love to give someone else the chance to join us for a cocktail before the main event.

Standard Ticket Holders: Make your way to Falmouth Moor for 6pm where we will all meet before parading through town at 6.30pm. The Falmouth Marine Band and Betty Stogs will be joining us (in pink wigs of course!) so you may hear us before you see us! We’ll also be unveiling our new Pink Wig mascot!!

If you are unable to make it to the moor for the parade then we will see you in the tent at Events Square at 7pm.

Inside the marquee you’ll find our bubbly bar, cocktail bar, a photo booth and a raffle prize table where you can buy raffle tickets for £1 a strip along with zumba from Gill Sadler, music from our DJ Nate Valentino and live band The Strutts! Don’t forget to pick up your free welcome drink on arrival.



The Pink Wig Team would like to extend their grateful thanks to Hine Downing Solicitors, Watson Marlow, Trident Plumbing, Heating & Electrical Services and Heather and Lay Estate Agents for their very kind sponsorship.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the local businesses who support us year on year and, of course, thank you to all our Pink Wiggers for all your support and your passion. We couldn’t do this without you, so THANK YOU, we love you!

See you on the 5th ladies!

Your Pink Wig Team





Volunteers’ Week 2016

Volunteers’ Week 2016

Volunteers’ Week is an annual celebration of the fantastic contribution millions of volunteers make across the UK – and it’s taking place from the 1-12 June 2016. As part of this celebration we thought we'd give you all an insight into who Pink Wig Events is, and why we're part of this event many have come to love.

Why did you get involved? (Emma)

My reasons for getting involved with Pink Wig and the passion and drive that I have for it is easy for me, I have a very strong history of breast cancer with my mum dying of the disease aged 46 back in 1996. My mums sisters have both had breast cancer and their aunt before them. My paternal Nan also passed away with the disease as did one of her sisters and she has another sister that has survived. Hence my reasons for prophylactic surgery.

So when my dear friend Sally was diagnosed and Pink Wig was born it was an absolute no brainier to be involved and I am proud that I've been there from the conception! I've been privileged to be able to step into the role of Chairperson when Sal decided she wanted a step back from it all in 2014. Sally was our inspiration behind the desire to raise as much awareness and funds possible and I share that with her from my personal experiences with the disease - we as a team will strive to continue with that desire!

Emma xxx

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 11.28.08

What are the time commitments? (Michelle)

Commitment of time is essential for any event to be successful.

Pink Wig Ladies Night grows every year; new ideas, new guidelines, bigger website & social media, more followers, the list goes on. Naturally time spent should increase too? You would think so, but being part of the Pink Wig committee is very much like being a family. We all have our part to play & know who's doing what, mucking in where necessary & supporting where needed. Each one of us, a cog in the Pink Wig clock.

We normally meet once a month with meetings being punchy & productive & actioned as necessary. In between meetings, social media keeps us all in the loop. On a personal level, each one of us have had life changing experiences, making us so aware of priorities in life & giving us focus, making us all passionate to achieve our goal and raise money & awareness to make a difference to the future.

Respect & honesty with each other makes us close, sharing tears, laughter & the odd glass of bubbly! Great ideas unfold & some really bad ones are squashed. Pink Wig is not about commitment of time as it is apart of us, in our hearts & who we are.

Once quoted “The Mighty Oak was once a small nut”. Being a bit of a nut got us started, strong roots are planted & Pink Wig will continue to grow.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 11.34.31

Where do you see Pink Wig going? (Sue)

Pink Wig has already ballooned from a group of friends on a night out in 2009 to our first event at Falmouth Week in 2012 before becoming what it is today.

After the initial success in 2012 of our first event at Falmouth’s Events Square in the marquee with over 400 ladies attending and over £7,500 raised, Sally, along with her committee of friends were spurred on by the support and their achievement and discussed with the committee her thoughts of Pink Wig Events becoming regional, national and even global.

When we are all together our mojo reaches record heights, we all got carried away and thought this a real possibility. We then took a reality check and realised, we all hold down jobs, full and part time, the majority of us have families and other commitments away from Pink Wig and sadly realised we didn’t have the time, money and resources for Pink Wig to become anything other than a local event. And so, we decided we would concentrate on Pink Wig Events staying local, staying in Falmouth BUT we would put as much time and energy into creating the best ladies night out in Falmouth and Cornwall possible, we would create a website, promote the event, get local companies behind us and hopefully build on the success of each event year on year, which we are proud to say we have done and will continue to do.

So long as the people of Falmouth continue to support us then we will continue to keep kicking cancers butt right here in our home county.

Sue Morant

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 11.28.37

How has Pink Wig impacted you as a person? (Kath)

When I joined the Pink Wig Events’ committee in 2010, I had no idea it would grow to become such a huge part of my life.

Nor did I foresee that such a simple idea, born from friends who wanted to and have fun, would evolve into the successful event it is today. I believe we owe this incredible success to the overwhelming support and generosity from not only the people in our home town, but beyond. We are never short of people offering their services, be it raise donations, sponsors, or even those who do a spot of clearing up at the end of our amazing pink soirees.

It really is a wonderful feeling to know that you are surrounded by people who are so keen to muck-in for a great cause. I am also extremely thankful that I get to be part of committee made up of some of the greatest people I know. Volunteering as a such a close team is extremely rewarding, and knowing that all of our hard work, crazy ideas, and huge amounts of laughter are part of the process of raising funds makes it such an incredible experience.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 17.26.09

What has been the hardest challenge since starting? (Naomi)

When our founder and dear friend Sally Hicks-Wood passed away last May we all knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that we would continue her legacy of Pink Wig Events. However, turning sadness, heartbreak and grief into positivity and strength is a huge challenge; I feel this has been our biggest challenge to date and will continue to challenge us for years to come.

Losing loved ones to cancer has made us sad, angry, heartbroken, confused and everything else in between... but it has also given us the fire in our bellies; we would not do what we do if we didn’t feel passionate about finding a cure for cancer so that future generations to come do not have to go through the same thing.

Losing Sally, and our other dear friends and family members, to cancer has been tough and we miss them all every day. Some days you just want to curl up under a rock and not come out for a little while, other days you want to stand on your rooftop and shout about how angry you are and ask ‘why them?’ but then you remember their strength and their fight and suddenly that sadness and anger turns back into passion and fire.

Dealing with our own personal emotions and our own personal feelings towards cancer will always be a challenge but knowing we are raising awareness, funding research and carrying on our Sally’s legacy will always carry us through.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 11.30.34

The biggest achievement so far? (Jay)

There have been so many amazing achievements over the years - from being invited and attending the House of Lords with what was Breast Cancer Campaign (now known as Breast Cancer Now) to receiving our Bronze and Silver awards as part of our fundraising efforts. These are just two of the standout moments over the years gone by.

In 2014, we won Best Regional Fundraising Event from Breast Cancer Campaign and not to mention raising over £55,000 in the process!!


Every year we've seen Pink Wig grow from very humble beginnings to where it is now, with hundreds of local women turning out in the fight against breast cancer. To me, the biggest achievement is our ability to create what has become, the ladies night for Falmouth, for a common cause and that feeling of unity. Every year I say that walking through Falmouth town with over 500 women is like nothing I have ever experienced before, then the next year that feeling will be overwritten as we continue to grow.

It's that I believe is our biggest achievement, bringing together a town against a common cause (and having a bloody good night).

Base2Base for Breast Cancer

Base2Base for Breast Cancer


On the 27th June 2014 Sally’s husband, Colin, embarked on a 2,500 mile journey over five weeks visiting Search and Rescue bases throughout the UK on his way. He averaged 80 miles a day regardless of what is thrown at him, collecting donations from supporters along the way and together make a difference to the statistics.

His stops were:

  1. Friday 27th June – RNAS Culdrose
  2. Wednesday 2nd July – RAF Wattisham
  3. Friday 4th July – RAF Leconfield
  4. Sunday 6th July – RAF Boulmer
  5. Saturday 12th July – RAF Lossiemouth
  6. Thursday 17th July – RNAS Prestwick
  7. Monday 21st July – RAF Valley 
  8. Sunday 27th July – RMB Chivenor
  9. Monday 28th July – RNAS Culdrose

The journey relied on the kindness from local communities to let him to sleep the night, and wingmen to accompany him along the way in the support van, thankfully donated by Alltruck, Leicestershire.

He’s had an amazing £3,000 donated by Bond Offshore Helicopters, £1,000 pledged from Oadby Plastics, and Bike Chain Ricci are helping with equipment and clothing. In total, Colin raised close to £6,000 for Pink Wig Events!

Lets make it safe for our future generations. It is also a celebration of survival – for all those who have bravely fought and survived breast cancer. Lets create more survivors by donating today. Thank you.

Col Hicks.

Cyclist Colin Hicks returns to 771 Naval Air Squadron after tour of UK.


#FalFamFest 2014

#FalFamFest 2014


Second of August will see Falmouth’s biggest family festival take place! The fun starts at 5pm til late the charity event in aid of Pink Wig Events, Tanya’s Courage Trust – Supporting Young People with Cancer and Inspire Health Cornwall. All monies raised going to these local charities.


Events includes:

Dance Showcases, Face painting, Old fashion Fair games, Danceathon, Charity auction, 80 versus 90′s Disco with DJ Tash

Tickets £12.50 per person or family of 4 for £25

Lynda Scott – Castle 2 Castle Swim 2014

Lynda Scott – Castle 2 Castle Swim 2014


My name is Lynda Scott and in 2013 I had a breast cancer scare. Just when I had the all clear I happened to be invited by my lovely friend Kath Teague to a PINK WIG FUNDRAISING EVENT set up by an amazing lady called Sally, and after meeting all the courageous and wonderful special ladies I was inspired to take part in this yearly challenge and donate my sponsorship to this cause.

I am taking part in the Castle 2 Castle Swim on June 8th 2014. This is a one mile open water sea swim across the mouth of the River Fal. The swim starts at Pendennis Castle in Falmouth and finishes at St Mawes Castle on the Roseland Peninsula, swim start time is 13.30.

The Pink Wig team will be down there in support and it would be great to see others down there to see me off!

RC’s Summer Ball comes up trumps!

RC’s Summer Ball comes up trumps!


Every year Roger Charlton and Rodney Churcher host the RC Summer Ball, where all money raised from tickets, a raffle and auction goes towards a chosen charity, this year Pink Wig Events was chosen!!

The event, attended by 176 people was held at The Merchants Manor in Falmouth, and the Neon Luv Chicken played, and needless to say the dancefloor was packed from the get go!

Not only was a fantastic time had by all, BUT they managed to raise a fabulous £1,500!!!

Thank you so much Rodney and Roger – and everyone who donated.

216 miles in six days…

216 miles in six days…


George Taylor, 30, is currently serving in the Royal Air Force atgerogetaylor RAF Marham and lives in Norwich with partner Amy and daughter Isla. George is a local man and on July 22nd will be returning to Cornwall to take on an incredible challenge. He will be running and walking from Bude to Falmouth, in sections, resting each night and completing a total of 216 miles over 6 days – more than a marathon a day which is not a challenge to be sneezed at!!

George said “Firstly, I am not a runner as such, however, I do enjoy a challenge and because of this I have decided to push myself and attempt to run, walk or crawl the route along mainly coastal path to my final destination and home town of Falmouth on Saturday 27th July where I’m hoping there will be a mass of Pink Wiggers waiting at the finish line with a beer or two to celebrate! Sadly, breast cancer is something close to my heart and it is important to keep raising funds for vital research as well as local causes. I am happy to support the Pink Wiggers and have committed myself to do this for their causes”. George will be joined on his marathon by Dave Hennessey, 29, and Dan Richardson, 24, also from Falmouth.

“I would really appreciate any donations you can give, no matter how small, every penny helps. Please go to the ‘Click to Donate’ button and help us on our way to eradicating breast cancer so that future generations can be safe. Thank you.

WE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THAT THE TOTAL RAISED FOR THIS EVENT HAS REACHED  £3,293.31  This is absolutely amazing, well done and Thank you’  to all three of you!

A little bird told me that George is planning something else for us in 2014… we’ll update you when we find out more.